Evaluation Process

Upon receipt of the completed nomination form, audited financial statements and full payment, each participating company is assessed according to 2 key areas:

Quantitative Indicators
- Profitability
- Liquidity 
- Leverage 

Qualitative Indicators
- Competitive Posture 
- Growth Strategy 
- Vision 
- Major Innovation 
- Human Capital 
- Business Process 
- Market Presence 
- Extent of Information Technology Usage 

(Note: To maintain confidentiality, the financial figures of individual companies will NOT be released publicly. The financial figures will only be used for the purpose of ranking and will be published only as a percentage or ratio. However, profit and other figures may be used internally for research purposes.) 

All participants will be provided points based on their performance in these 2 areas. Thereafter, we will be visiting short-listed companies to further validate their applications. A performance ranking of all the participating companies will be done before submitting to the Independent Panel of Judges. 

Moderation Process
The Independent Panel of Judges convenes to calibrate and moderate the rankings of all the participating companies. The final ranking and scores of all participating companies is decided and thereafter emerges the Top 50 winner.